i8 Team

On Sunday the 31st of March the club held the annual i8 event! It was made up of 8 Junior members partnered with 8 senior members. It was a great afternoon with everyone enjoying themselves and Janine opening the bar for the spectators.

Some shots of the day were:

  • Justin Wiggill who did a ripping one handed backhand down the line for a winner.
  • Ella Muir with her fantastic smashes and lobs!
  • Cameron Knowles with some outstanding volleys.
  • Darcie Farrow had her forehand working all day!
  • Elise Steinemann with some amazing court coverage.
  • Adam Acquarola with his speedy serves and
  • Lincoln Duckett’s tweeners and slice were also fabulous to watch!

The matches were all very close with some tight third set tie breakers to decide the match! The final was Lincoln Duckett and Blake Cheshire vs Peyton Duckett and Paul Hemsley. It was a great start for Paul and I winning the first set 4-0 but the with some fighting spirit the opponents came back with great consistency winning the second set 4-1. The 5 point tiebreaker was the decider and Paul and I got across the line with my winner down the middle past both of them at the net! Thanks to all for a great afternoon of tennis and one that we look forward to again!

Peyton Duckett