EFLTC has had a great success this year with an innovative Club Championship structure.

Blake Wins an Epic Final vs Scott

A perennial problem EFLTC faced was that weaker players were disinclined to enter the annual Club Championships given the high likelihood that they would face a strong pennant player in the first round. Round-robin and novelty non-championship events encouraged participation, but the Club Championship event itself remained largely the domain of pennant players only.

This year, EFLTC combined the concept of the ‘Feed-In’ tournament (per the French Money Tournament system – courtesy of Philippe Chartrier) with a consolation event.

Members enter the tournament at a round based on their ability. The weakest players enter at the first round (and play each other), while the best players enter later in the tournament – the two highest ranked players enter at the semi-finals. Losers at every round up to the quarter-final drop into the consolation event as it progresses, which guarantees two matches per player and usually between players of similar standards.

Entries in the EFLTC Club Championships were double that of recent years and the positive feedback from the members (both pennant and non-pennant players) is testament to its success.

Members appreciated the opportunity to enjoy some high quality competitive matches, and the tournament could begin before the end of the summer pennant season.

Click here for the full Club Championships draw.