MOU Signing 6th Oct 2018

Graeme Smith (EFLTC President) and Gordon Lee (FTTC President), with Paul Hemsley (Clubhouse Redevelopment Subcommittee), sign the MOU to work together to develop a shared facility.

The Clubhouse Redevelopment Subcommittee has been busy over winter, firming up scope and estimates for the refurbishment of the existing clubhouse and hall and lighting of the western hardcourts.  At the same time, we have been maturing the concept of an all-new building and carpark, positioned on the rested grass-court area south of the blue hardcourts as proposed in the Clubhouse Refurbishment/Redevelopment Design Options document.  The project would improve court and river views and allow us to repurpose the existing Clubrooms (eg. Sub-lease).

Sharing our facility has the potential to add diversity and depth to our income and hence improve the long-term financial viability of the Tennis Club.  Multi-use sporting infrastructure projects are particularly attractive for the key government funding organisations (Federal, State and Local).  To this end, a Memorandum of Understanding has been signed by EFLTC and the Fremantle Table Tennis Club (FTTC) to work together to develop a shared facility.  The MOU is non-binding and is just the first stage in the process.

FTTC currently operates by hiring Samson Recreation Centre and they are seeking a permanent, purpose-built facility for their members.  The potential synergies between our clubs is undeniable. We intend to develop a compelling vision to input into the Town of East Fremantle’s planned “Preston Point Road North Recreation Facilities Master Plan”. This Master Plan will outline the strategic vision for the entire sporting precinct along Preston Point Road and is expected to be completed by June 2019.

Click here for the latest on the Clubhouse Redevelopment and to see our revised 5-year Business Plan and the FTTC & EFLTC MOU.

The club is seeking input from members. Once all feedback has been received, including from the Town of East Fremantle’s Master Plan, then (all going well) a final proposal will be eventually submitted to the Board of Management for approval.