Clubhouse Redevelopment

The Clubhouse and Hall facility at the East Fremantle Tennis Centre is aging. The Hall is 56 years old and the last refurbishment was undertaken 21 years ago. A refurbishment of this important community asset is overdue.

The Board of Management has established a sub-committee to develop options for redevelopment of the Clubhouse, surrounding grounds and carpark.  All options have been considered, including refurbishment/enhancement of the current building, a complete rebuild, and new facilities incorporating other Clubs.

This will be an exciting time for the club and we’d love input from club members.  If you’d like to offer feedback, or join the Clubhouse Redevelopment sub-committee, please email or have a chat to the current sub-committee members:

The Redevelopment Subcommittee: Paul Hemsley – Steve Burdett – Stuart Crole – Brian McDonald – Glen Crosbie.

Latest News:

Consultations commence on the Preston Point Road North Recreation Facilities Master Plan

The Town of East Fremantle has commissioned experienced sport and leisure consultants, ABV Leisure Consultancy Services to undertake the Preston Point Road North Recreation Facilities Master Plan on its behalf. This master plan will provide clear direction to the Town with regard to the upgrade of and investment in the existing recreation facilities within the ‘precinct’.

EFLTC has been keenly awaiting this and has submitted our own Redevelopment Plans for their consideration (see links below). 

The plan consists of three main items:

1. Existing Hall Refurbishment

2. New dedicated Table Tennis Pavilion, with Shared Table Tennis and Tennis Clubrooms (per images below)

3. Western Hard Court Lighting.

Profile View

Existing View

Proposed View

MOU Signing 6th Oct 2018

Graeme Smith (EFLTC President) and Gordon Lee (FTTC President), with Paul Hemsley (Clubhouse Redevelopment Sub-committee) sign the MOU to work together to develop a shared facility.


EFLTC Clubhouse Redevelopment Philosophy                      FTTC (Fremantle Table Tennis Club) New Pavilion Philosophy

FTTC & EFLTC Memorandum of Understanding

EFLTC Redevelopment Proposals to the ToEF Preston Point Road Recreation Facilities Master Plan

Project Management Plan                       Design Options

Project Budget                              Facility Lifecycle Budget                              Funding Plan

Clubhouse Redevelopment AGM 2018 report

EFLTC Business Plan – 2018 to 2023


Other Related EFLTC Documents:

Constitution (2017 draft)                By-Laws (2017 draft)                10-Year Capital Works Plan


Useful External Links:

Tennis West Strategic Facilities Plan – 2018 and Beyond

Preston Point Road North Recreation Facilities Master Plan – Jan 2019

Town of East Fremantle – Recreation and Community Facilities Strategy – Dec 2016

Tennis Australia – National Tennis Facility Planning and Development Guide – March 2013

Tennis Australia – Facility Development and Management Framework (Tennis 2020 Blueprint) – 2012

Tennis Queensland – Technical Manual for the Design, Construction and Management of Tennis Facilities – 2008